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Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg

Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg

The Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg

The old house with a new addition deals with the works of famous Painter Angelika Kauffmann, who has family ties to Schwarzenberg. The Heimatmuseum features changing exhibitions.

Who does the Bödele belong to?
until 31 October 2021

The Bödele is where the people of Dornbirn go to spend time and relax. But it actually belongs to the municipality of Schwarzenberg. And contrasts seem to be the order of the day here: holiday homes belonging to factory owners and protected raised bogs, luxury hotels and alpine economy, World Cup downhill events and family skiing, motorcycle racing and meditation in an ashram. The Bödele is a focal point of social and historical change. This fact is revealed at the exhibitions in Schwarzenberg and in the Stadtmuseum Dornbirn (city museum), which also provide scope for the protagonists to have their say.

To Italy! Angelika Kaufmann and the Grand Tour
22 May – 31 October 2021

Angelika Kauffmann travelled a lot throughout her life. She studied the old asters in Milan, Parma, Bologna, Florence, Venice and Naples. She later spent time working in London and Rome. Her wealthy patrons were also widely travelled because it was common practice during the 18th century to embark on extensive educational trips, the so-called “Grand Tours”. Italy with its ancient sites, picturesque landscapes and famous art treasures was the destination. This early boom in tourism turned into a generous source of commissions for artists living in Rome. Portraits, landscape paintings and architectural drawings were popular souvenirs – and also awakened a yearning for travel among those who had remained at home. The exhibition uses original works by the artist and her contemporaries to focus on the places of longing in the south, the travelers, their stories and the souvenirs they brought home.

Kunstraum (Art Room)

This Bregenzerwälderhaus boasts a core that’s more than 450 years old and an exterior that doesn’t offer any clues to the fact that it’s home to a modern museum space in the former service wing. It was built in 2007 to mark the 200th anniversary of the death of the artist Angelika Kauffmann. Changing exhibitions that focus on different subjects with original works by the famous painter of classicism are shown from May to October. The space is available for regional contemporary artists during the spring.

What it used to be like at home

A walk through the residential wing of the local history museum offers comprehensive insights into the rural living and everyday culture of the 19th century.

Opening times

22 May – 31 October 2021
Thu to Sun 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

22 March – 17 April 2022
Fri – Sun 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Tracht im Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg © Christoph Lingg / Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Bregenzerwald Guest Card

Bregenzerwald Gäste-Card © Adolf Bereuter / Bregenzerwald Tourismus

There is lots to discover in the Bregenzerwald mountains.

Rambling and hiking paths take you to the loveliest spots, and tell stories. Events are held. The Bregenzerwald Guest Card is your “ticket” to these mountain experiences. The Bregenzerwald Guest…

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Angelika Kauffmann Museum

Brand 34 6867 Schwarzenberg, Österreich

+43 (0) 5512 3570


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