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Hiking with dogs

Hiking with dogs

Hiking with dogs

People and dogs profit from hiking together. Both learn and experience something new, especially under professional supervision.

Dogs must be on leash

in the entire village area
Au, Bezau, Bizau, Damüls, Langenegg, Langen (Fighting dogs), Riefensberg, Schoppernau, Sibratsgfäll

Dogs must be on leash in certain areas:
Hittisau, Lingenau, Egg, Schröcken, Schwarzenberg

Dogs not required to be on leash:
Alberschwende, Andelsbuch, Doren, Krumbach, Langen, Mellau, Reuthe, Schnepfau, Sulzberg, Warth

Please note that dogs are not permitted in the following places:
cemeteries, children’s playgrounds, water reserves.

Public buses

Dogs permitted only with leash and muzzle. A fee for transportation of dogs has to be paid.

Cable cars

Dogs may be taken on board:
Bergbahnen Andelsbuch, Mellau and Damüls cable cars as well as the Seilbahnen Faschina, Seilbahnen Sonntag & Steffisalp-Express Warth cable cars

Only with muzzle/leash:
The Seilbahn Bezau and Diedamskopf

The road less travelled

The road less travelled

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