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Images of 19th century life in Hittisau

Images of 19th century life in Hittisau

The exhibition displays the lives and works of five exceptional characters in Hittisau around the 1800.

The exhibition in the basement of the Ritter-von-Bergmann hall displays the lives and works of five exceptional characters from the 19th century in Hittisau.

Five lives in focus

The common factor that unites all five personalities is their exemplary and impressive journey with exceptional talent. All were born in the rural Austrian region of Bregenzerwald during 19th century.

Personalities highlighted include

  • Dr. Joseph Ritter von Bergmann (1796-1872):Lawyer, historian and co-founder of Vorarlberg’s local historical society, tutor of the dukes of Hapsburg, director of the coin mint and cabinet of antiquities and the Ambras collection in Vienna. The event hall at the Hittisau town hall is named in his honour.
  • Johann Conrad Dorner (1809-1866): PainterHe lived in Munich, Riga, St. Petersburg and Rome.
  • Joseph Bergmann (1795-1850): Artist in Bregenzerwald
  • Johann Conrad Bergmann (1795-1873): Painter, surgeon and genealogist
  • Heinrich Ladner (1777-1844): a late Baroque master builder, who was primarily active in Switzerland

Historical perspectives

In addition to a permanent exhibition entitled “Images of 19th century life in Hittisau,” the museum exhibition deals with the history of Hittisau and features photos of daily life, family trees, wedding pictures and portraits in death, family books, and house histories.

Opening times

upon request


Roman Dorner, T +43 (0) 664 430 912 5
Konrad Schwarz, T +43 (0) 664 423 217 5


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