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Kurt´s Dorfzügle

Kurt´s Dorfzügle

Kurt´s Dorfzügle

Trip with Kurt's Dorfzügle to Schönenbach

Outings, trips, parties or any other occasion – Kurt´s little train turns your event into something special (suitable for wheelchairs and prams).

Kurt’s Dorfzügle/Gasvertrieb/Apartments
Familie Zoller
Obere 126
6870 Bezau
+43 (0)5514 2980
F AX+43 (0)5514 2980
mobile +43 (0)664 105 32 30

Bezau Schönenbach © Ian Ehm, - Bezau Tourismus
Hike to the Kanisfluh

Hike to the Kanisfluh

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