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Bregenzerwald Gäste-Card © Adolf Bereuter / Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Cycling in Rohrmoostal

Rohrmoostal cycling route

This scenic cycle tour starts near the church in Sibratsgfäll and leads towards Rindberg.

The road is clear of traffic from the state border. The path leads past the impressive walls of Gottesacker and into the nature conservation area. Cyclists who are less fit can push their bikes up the 800 m long uphill section. From there, the path flattens out and leads to the managed Alpe Aibele mountain pasture (mid June – mid September. 2 km later, one passes the watershed between the North and the Black Seas and after a few kilometres more, one arrives at the Rohrmoos plot, where one can visit the oldest wooden church in Germany. The return journey is via the same route in reverse but from a different perspective. The journey takes about 2 hours and, the path is paved.

Total length (one way): 13 km

Nature Park Diplomats

Nature Park Diplomats

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