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Bezau Beatz Festival

Bezau Beatz Festival

Bezau Beatz Festival

The unique music festival at the beginning of august

After 16 years, we can proudly claim that we are setting an example in Bezau with international appeal that reaches from Paris and London to New York, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm and Seoul. Many of those who have already been here will bring friends next time. We look forward to seeing old and new faces, to meeting artists who have been here many times in ever-changing constellations (Theo Ceccaldi, Christian Lillinger, Joao Pedro Brandao, Leo Genovese, Almut Kühne and many others) and who simply feel right at home here in our beautiful valley.



Highlight of  Bezau Beatz 2020:

More info at and on our YouTube Channel with highlights and interviews from our artists as well as on our Facebook and Instagram page!