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Foodtruck "The Falling Cow"

Foodtruck "The Falling Cow"

Slow Food is a term that stands for conscious and regional food and emerged as a counter-movement to the fast, mostly unfortunately not very high-quality fast food. But who says that fast food can not also be conscious, regional and above all enjoyable! We say, yes it can! And so our Fast Slow Food idea was born.



Opening Hours:

Tuesday and Sunday 11.30 a.m. to 13 p.m. and 17 – 19 p.m.
Alte Säge (Obere 688, 6870 Bezau)

Order number +43(0)664 992 966 59



The Falling Cow
Tel.: +43(0)664 99296659

Hiking through family history

Hiking through family history

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