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Mainau, the island of flowers

Mainau, the island of flowers

This island is always in bloom and is one of the most visited attractions at Lake Constance. The magnificent garden, peaceful oases, events and restaurants are always worth a visit.

A single day is sufficient to explore Mainau, the island of flowers. This gem of buds and blossoms, which is operated by the Bernadotte family of counts, is easy to reach via ship from Bregenz. The journey takes about 2.5 hours with a fast ship and is open 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset.

Every visit to the island is different and magnificent and colourful flower arrangements and formations are a visual delight to behold. In between there are beautiful lawns, shade-giving trees and benches for relaxing. There are also ponds and fountains in addition to educational trails on various topics.

Tulips in spring, roses in summer, dahlias in autumn. What blooms at which time of year and which events are planned can be discovered by visiting When the weather is poor or somewhat colder, guests head to the butterfly house, palm house, the church and publicly accessible rooms in the Baroque castle.

Insel Mainau

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