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The future of natural products

Metzler whey products

The Metzler family offers a rich range of whey products including cosmetic articles, revitalising and refreshing drinks, bath essences, etc.

The Metzler family from Egg produces cosmetics made with the natural healing power of whey. Guests can discover how herbal and whey cosmetics are made at the modern production facility.

In three decades, the Metzler family has succeeded in transforming a traditional farm into an innovative and multi-award winning operation. The grounds feature a boldly fashioned main building made of concrete and glass. Meanwhile next door, there is an impressive barn made of timber in which whey cosmetic lines and other natural cosmetics are made. Here, cheese as well as whey cosmetic products are manufactured in a sustainable production cycle. During guided tours, visitors will discover the steps of production in the barn, farm and manufacturing up close and personal.

Rediscovery of whey

The Metzler family has always believed in making best use of available resources. If a litre of milk is processed into cheese, just about 10% actually becomes cheese. The other 90% that remains is whey. Whey has long been an integral part of traditional European medicine for healing. It is nearly fat free and contains a variety of minerals, vitamins and trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the skin. As a drink, whey is great for the stomach and intestine.

Always something new

After a long experimentation phase with whey, Ingo Metzler developed an increasing range of cosmetic products and drinks from 1992. Production flourished and the farm facilities grew in turn. From 2007 the farm’s own herbs and flowers were used to refine the various whey cosmetics (either dried or in as an essence).

For all the senses

In 2017, the Metzler family opened a new large production and storage facility made from timber with high-bay storage made from wood. It was important to the Metzlers to provide visitors to this building with an all-around sensory experience. The hall features an open gallery from whence visitors can listen to and observe the production of natural and whey cosmetics and take in the many scents and aromas.

The cycle of nature

Whether visiting the barn or the new production or storage facility, guests touring the Metzler farm will be treated to special insights into the production cycle. The Metzler family consciously utilises a photovoltaic system at the barn in addition to a thermal solar-power system with a large gravel reservoir for geothermal energy under the flooring of the new building. This facility heats the building and the water so that no external thermal energy supply is required.

The production of everything on the farm is done in a transparent manner – from grass, animal feed, silo-free milk, cheese and whey (used to make cosmetic products) – and is offered for sample and sale.


At the farm store and online shop, shoppers can select from a colourful array of natural cosmetic products from hand creams to hair and shampoos and lip-gloss. As the basis for healthy and tasty drinks, powdered whey is also sold in various flavours.

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Bruggan 1025 6863 Egg, Österreich

+43 (0) 5512 3044

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