Hiking Paths

Bezau | from the loveliest mountain pasture to the alp

Starting point car park Schönenbach
Point of arrival
car park Schönenbach

car park Schönenbach – Schönenbachvorsäß (1.020 m) – Unterspitzalpe – Almisguntenalpe – Stoggertennalpe (1.500 m) – Osterguntenalpe – direction Kretzbodenalpe to Vorderen Hänslervorsäß – car park

Schönenbach is one of the loveliest mountain pasture settlements in Vorarlberg. The village is located on a plateau between the Hirschberg and the Diedamskopf, home to a meandering brook. The ramble takes you to the Almisguntenalpe, which lies isolated in a col beneath the Diedamskopf. Just before the newly built Stoggertenn alpine hut, you arrive at the highest point on the ramble. The path along the Osterguntenbach takes you down to the car park.

category: white-red-white (11.9 km)

Winterstaude | fantastic view

Starting point station Baumgarten
Point of arrival:
middle station

station Baumgarten– direction Niedere Höhe – down to Songerhöhealpe - Stongerhöhe - "Hasenstrick" - upwards to Winterstaude - descent across Lingenaueralpe - down to Stongenalpe - passing by "Stonger Moos" to Wildmoos Alpe - middle station Sonderdach

wonderful panoramic view, steep climb to Stongerhöhe, alpine trail to "Hasenstrick" (head for heights required) and to the top of Winterstaude, descent over Lingenaueralpe to Stongenalpe passing Stonger Moos and Wildmoosalpe( about 4 hours)
category: blue
alpine trail - head for heights required

Seefluh Loop

Starting point village square Bezau
Point of arrival
village square Bezau

village square - Fegg - Stennalpe - Seefluh - Rimgsrund - Bezaudescription<br along="" the="" river="" over="" fegg="" to="" stennalpe="" and="" seefluh="" (about="" 4="" hours)<strong="" />
category:red-white (height difference: 667m)
mountain trail - mountain boots required

Bregenzerwald to the Kleine Walsertal

starting point
: car park Schönenbach
point of arrival: car park Schönenbach

car park Schönenbach - Iferwiesalpe - Kalbelegüntlealpe - Hohen Ifen

car park Schönenbach across Iferwiesalpe and Kalbelegüntlealpe to the summit of Hohen Ifen. Alternatively over Ifersguntenalpe and Gerachsattel to the top station Diedamskopf (category blue-white)
duration 5 hours
category: red-white
mountain trail –mountain boots required

Further information in the tourist office.