Mountain Bike Tours

Schönebach - Schreibersattel

starting point:
Bezau, centre of town
point of arrival: Bezau, centre of town

Bezau – Rimsgrund – Langenalpe – Schönenbach – Iferwiesalpe – Hintere Leugehralpe – Auenalpe – Helbockstobelalpe – Schreiberesattel – Wildmoosalpe – Bezau

This tour, which contains steep parts, is suitable for experienced cyclists. From Bezau, you take some short, strenuous ascents via Rimsgrund to the Langenalpe. Via an asphalted toll road and through a shaded wood, you arrive at Schönenbach. You then continue via the Iferwiesalpe past the turning for the Schneckenlochhöhle and the Iferalpe. Here, you cross the wildly romantic gorge of the Subersach and cycle via a moderately steep alpine path to the Helbockstobelalpe. There then follows an uneven, demanding path to the Geserstobelaple and a part where you need to push (approx. 10 minutes) as far as the Schreiberesattel. From here, you now cross alpine terrain, initially moderately downhill, and then steeply downhill through the wood into the valley.


starting point
: Bezau
point of arrival: Bezau

Bezau - Andelsbuch - Egg - Schetteregg - Schönenbach - Au - Bezau

From Bezau you turn left at Gasthof Sonne, you take some ascents to the Bezegg (780 m), downhill to Andelsbuch-reservoir (2 km), turn right to Andelsbuch-church, right to Weiler Moos and left to Egg-Rain, then turn right and continue to Scheteregg (640 m to 1050 m - 10km) and Hammeratsberg (1090m). Downhill to Hintere Leugheralpe (5 km), left across the bridge (waterfalls!!), two ascents to Ifenalpe (940 m), turn right to Schönenbach (1020 m) - have a break at Gasthof Egender.
Bizau - Alpe Ostergunten (1320m) to Stoggersattel (1415m) - highest point. Steeply downhill to Au, at Sennhaus Rehmen cross the L 200 to Reuthe and continue to Bezau.
Alternativ können Sie ab Mellau - Klausbrücke auch den Radweg entlang der B200 nehmen.


duration: 5:00h
distance: 57,1 km
difference in altitude: 843m

Bregenzerwald Tours

The Bregenzerwald region is an insider's tip for mountain bikers: 450 km of signposted tours for mountain-bikers. The following describes 15 recommended tours for beginners, the advanced and professionals.

...for beginners

  • Hochhäderich tour
    distance: 21,2 km
    difference in altitude: 790 m
    highest point: 1.520 m
    starting point: Hittisau
  • Schetteregg tour
    distance: 20,2 km
    difference in altitude: 580 m
    highest point: 1.080 m
    starting point: Egg
  • Balderschwang tour
    distance: 24,5 km
    difference in altitude: 700 m
    highest point: 1.434 m
    starting point: Sibratsgfäll
  • Berchtoldshöhe
    distance: 20,5 km
    difference in altitude: 700 m
    highest point: 1.154 m
    starting point: Andelsbuch
  • Weißenfluh
    distance: 21,4 km
    difference in altitude: 795 m
    highest point: 1.367 m
    starting point: Bezau
  • Mellental tour
    distance: 17,8 km
    difference in altitude: 700 m<br /highest point: 1.325 m
    starting point: Mellau
  • Tannberg tour
    distance: 15,5 km
    difference in altitude: 650 m
    highest point: 1.792 m
    starting point: Schröcken
  • Brüggele-Kaltenbrunnen
    distance: 11,3 km
    difference in altitude:: 405 m
    highest point: 1.090 m
    starting point: Alberschwende

...for the advanced

  • Around the Mittagsfluh
    distance: 28,3 km
    difference in altitude: 900 m
    highest point: 1.440 m
    starting point: Bizau
  • Schetteregg-Schreiberesattel
    distance: 38,3 km
    difference in altitude:1.330 m
    highest point: 1.526 m
    starting point: Andelsbuch
  • Schönenbach-Schreiberesattel
    distance: 31,5 km
    difference in altitude: 1.200 m
    highest point: 1.526 m
    starting point: Bezau
  • Around the Winterstaude
    distance: 42,8 km
    difference in altitude: 1.050 m
    highest point: 1.080 m
    starting point: Egg
  • Around the Kanisfluh
    distance: 33,1 km
    difference in altitude: 1.200 m
    highest point: 1.610 m
    starting point: Mellau
  • Damüls tour
    distance: 33,8 km
    difference in altitude: 1.300 m
    highest point: 1.800 m
    starting point: Au


...for professionals

  • Diedamskopf-Neuhornbach Haus
    distance: 25 km
    difference in altitude: 1.370 m
    highest point: 2.020 m
    starting point: Schoppernau



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