Things to Know

The Bregenzerwald is still something of an inside tip for mountain bikers: The wide range of easy and highly demanding tours is exceptional. Many of the trails follow the tracks of the locals’ way of life: to mountain pastures and high mountain pastures, the home of the delicious Bregenzerwald alpine cheese.

Mountainbike-map Bregenzerwald

Detailed descriptions of the tours are enclosed in the mountain bike map of Bregenzerwald. You can buy this map for EUR 9,90 at Bregenzerwald Tourism, in the tourist information offices and in some sports shops.

Safety advice

Mountain bike routes take you through terrain which requires a great deal of responsibility from the biker. Our recommendations for correct conduct in the mountains:

  • Responsible cycling at controlled speeds and at reduced visibility, especially in bends, since obstacles must be reckoned with at all times!   Hikers and pedestrians have right of way. Considerate overtaking is done at a walking pace.

  • Agriculture and forestry have right of way on the usable paths. Please always close gates behind you and respect any temporarily closed paths.

  • Do not leave the planned, signposted paths. This helps preserve natural and wild habitats.

  • Good planning of a tour takes into consideration the degree of difficulty of the route and the cyclist’s ability. This also includes helmet, protective equipment and a technically perfect mountain bike