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Architecture & Handicraft

Architecture & Handicraft

Architecture & Handicraft

Landscape, nature and rural crafts are of extraordinary importance in the Bregenzerwald.

If a ranking of the most significant architectural regions in the world were to be drawn up today, Vorarlberg would be in the top ten. However, this doesn’t just mean the significance of the individual constructions, but also their number and density.

This phenomenon is comparatively new. Whenever the Vorarlberg school of architecture or architects are mentioned, they mean the generation born since 1950 which has been influencing the architecture here for about the past 30 years. Such a ratio is only possible in a region where architecture is appreciated.

Worth a visit

It is hard to list remarkable buildings, since many of them are private

residential buildings which are not accessible. However, a walk through Hittisau or Schwarzenberg for example, can satisfy your curiosity. The village of Bizau is particularly suitable for such a walk: it boasts residential buildings from all epochs, estates, buildings for industrial, educational and local authority purposes, as well as inns: together, they form an ensemble which was awarded the ArGeAlp prize.

Wood in form of

Wood in form of " Bregenzerwälder Schindeln"