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Vacation with dogs

Vacation with dogs

Vacation with dogs

Info about the vacation with your loyal companion

Dogs must be kept on a leash on streets, squares and all freely accessible areas in Bezau.
In order to protect our environment, dog waste garbage cans have been installed throughout the village, from which bags can also be taken.
Help us to keep our community clean!


Rules for public buses

Dogs are allowed on the bus if they are muzzled and leashed.


Rules for cable car

Without muzzle and leash:
Bergbahnen Andelsbuch, Mellaubahn, Seilbahnen Damüls, Seilbahnen Faschina, Seilbahnen Sonntag, Steffisalp-Express Warth

With muzzle and leash:
Seilbahn Bezau, Diedamskopf



Dr. Rudolf Kaufmann
Bahnhof 363, 6870 Bezau
Tel. +43(0)5514 3390

the veterinarians group practice
Scheidbuchen 682, 6863 Egg
Tel. +43(0)5512 26426