Culture & Culinary


Lovers of regional specialities and a special ambience when they are dining can look forward to special culinary evenings.more >

Umgang Bregenzerwald

Specially marked paths through the villages of the region.more >


Insights into the history, lifestyle and creative activity are provided by lively museums and exhibitions.more >

The "Wälderbähnle"

The "Wälderbähnle" is a carefully maintained nostalgic railway which runs between Bezau and Schwarzenberg Stations.more >

Carnival in Bezau

There are various events and parades during carnival.more >

Personalities from Bezau

Commemorative tablets remind of famous artists, politicians and philosophers in Bezau.more >


Culture is a regular visitor to the Bregenzerwald. Jazz concerts, literature events…………..more >

Cultural Excursions

The distances between the major day trip destinations in Vorarlberg and around Lake Constance are short.more >


Located somewhat off the beaten track, the Bregenzerwald was part of this development, although in a way of its own. In contrast to the densely populated, industrial and commercial Rhine Valley with its mainly suburban structure, landscape, nature and rural craftsmanship culture is of great importance in the Bregenzerwald.more >