If a ranking of the most significant architectural regions in the world were to be drawn up today, Vorarlberg would be in the top ten. However, this doesn’t just mean the significance of the individual constructions, but also their number and density.

This phenomenon is comparatively new. Whenever the Vorarlberg school of architecture or architects are mentioned, they mean the generation born since 1950 which has been influencing the architecture here for about the past 30 years. Such a ratio is only possible in a region where architecture is appreciated.





Buildings Worth a Visit

Inns & Hotels: Gasthof Adler, Schwarzenberg; Hotel Krone, Hittisau; Hotel Gams und Hotel Post, Bezau; Hotel Sonne und Metzgerstüble, Mellau; Hotel Steffisalp, Warth.

Schools & Kindergarten: Bizau; Doren; Egg; Warth.

Commercial Buildings: Molke Metzler, Egg; Käsekeller, Lingenau;

Municipal Buildings: Village Halls in Bizau, Langenegg, Andelsbuch,

Churches: Alpe Niedere Chapel, Andelsbuch