Cross-Country Skiing

You can find the sunniest winter hikes and cross-country ski runs in Bezau! Bezau, Bizau, Mellau, Reuthe and Schnepfau offer around 47 km of cross-country ski runs for classic and skating techniques and 80 km of winter hiking paths (bus 34).

Cross-Country Ski Trail Bezau-Bizau-Reuthe

20 km of classic cross-country ski runs - 12 km of skating runs - preparation from mid-December until mid-Marchmore >

Cross-Country Ski Trail Mellau-Schnepfau

Cross-country ski runs: 23 km of classic cross-country ski runs and 20 km of skating runs, altitude 700 m, preparation December to Marchmore >

Cross-Country Ski Trail Schönenbach

13,2 km of classic cross-country ski runs, preparation December to Marchmore >