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Schattenburg castle

Schattenburg castle

Schattenburg castle

The Medieval Schattenburg castle, which was once the residence of the Duke of Montfort, sits high above the city of Feldkirch. It houses a restaurant and offers impressive views from the high keep.

What does it look like inside a castle? See for yourself at the Schattenburg castle, which features 18 rooms spread over 3 floors. Every room is dedicated to a different aspect of Feldkirch’s city history and leads guests on a journey back in time. During the tour, guests also have access to the castle chapel and to the keep. From this gallery way up high, visitors can enjoy fantastic views over the city of Feldkirch and the surrounding area.

Duke Hugo von Montfort, who founded the city of Feldkirch, built the castle in the year 1200 and the various Dukes of Montfort resided here until 1390. Afterwards, the castle was sold to the Habsburgs. Over the years, the castle withstood a variety of wars and took some damage, yet each time it was renovated to keep it standing. Today, it is one of the best preserved Medieval fortresses in all of Central Europe.


  • Public tours take place once per month.
  • On Sundays there are tours for families.
  • Thematic and group tours are available upon request.

Schattenburg Feldkirch

Schattenburg-Museum, Burggasse, Feldkirch, Österreich

+43 (0) 5522 304-3510


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