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The Bregenzerwald builds surprisingly different! From the bus station to the hotel, from the kindergarten to the residential - building here is built differently. The craftsmanship and architecture in the Bregenzerwald are distinguished by the use of a lot of wood and a strikingly modern building style.

Architecture in the Bregenzerwald: A symbiosis of tradition and modernity

In the Bregenzerwald, clear lines, glass and local wood merge into a harmonious interplay of modern and traditional architecture.
In Bezau, a charming village in this region, you can also experience this fascinating combination.

If a ranking of the world’s most important architectural regions were made today Vorarlberg would certainly be among the top ten. This refers not only to the importance of individual architectural masterpieces, but also to their variety and frequency in the region.

Building artists

Originally, the protagonists of this architectural movement called themselves „Baukünstler” (building artists), since the title of architect was denied to them by the building industry and the Chamber of Commerce. From the beginning, public appearances, association and open discussion played an important role. Their ideal was socio-political: social responsibility, affordable solutions, sustainability and regional ties. This generation was looking for new ways of living and expressing themselves, resisted land sales, and found their expression in architecture. The residential house became the starting point of this cultural renewal, be it in the renovation of existing buildings or in new buildings, often for residential groups. Step by step, this new architecture spread to the economic elites and the public sector.
Today, personalities such as Eberle, Gnaiger, Dietrich, Kaufmann and Ritsch are internationally known architects with professorships at renowned universities.

The architecture in the Bregenzerwald thus embodies a unique symbiosis of tradition, social responsibility and avant-garde design, which is recognized all over the world. A movement has established itself here that sets groundbreaking trends and has elevated the art of building to a new level.