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Tips for hikers

Tips for hikers

Tips for hikers

Uniformly signposted trails and hiking maps help make navigating in the mountains easier

Hiking trails online

At you’ll discover numerous hiking tips with route description.

Signposted hiking trails

All hiking trails are uniformly marked according to the Vorarlberg hiking trails concept. The hiking trails are divided into three levels of difficulty:

  • yellow-white: Walking or hiking trail. Easy
  • white-red-white: Mountain hiking trail. Mountain-appropriate sturdy shoes with non-slip soles recommended
  • white-blue-white: Alpine trail. Mountain experience, sure-footedness, comfort with heights required

For your own safety

  • The right equipment is vitally important for safety: i.e. hiking boots or shoes, mountain appropriate clothing for safety, functional top as a change of clothes, sun glasses and sun protection.
  • Do not travel alone. Inform a third party of your tour.
  • Do not go into the mountains if you are physically unfit.
  • Take (warm) drinks and a snack with you.
  • Leave early so that you can return by daylight. Note: In autumn, dusk begins relatively early.
  • Inform yourself about the prevailing weather conditions. Remain in the valley if it is foggy. Turn back and return to the valley if the weather deteriorates.
  • Take a map or altimeter with you to find your way.
  • Remain on the marked trails.
  • Especially when travelling in the high mountains: Take a bivouac sack, a head torch, a mobile phone and a first-aid kit with you.

More information is available here >> Mountain safety

What to do in an emergency

1. Rescue the injured person from the danger area (danger of getting hit by stones or danger of fall…)

2. Check vital signs (consciousness, breathing, circulation)

3. Call for help with mobile phone:

– 144 Alpine emergencies in Vorarlberg
– 112 is the European emergency number in all networks: Turn mobile phone off, after turning back on and instead of the PIN dial »112«

4. Perform first aid

Respect your limits

Forests and meadows, rivers and lakes are a great place to spend your free time. Especially forests play an important role in protecting such environments. The Vorarlberg state government campaign “Wohngemeinschaft Natur” (nature as a shared space) informs residents and visitors about how to respect nature. Therefore, we ask you to protect our region. The most important recommendations: Stay on the designated trails and keep our environment clean!